Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving on...

The light seems to have changed this morning, I smell winter's approach. It's supposed to rain this weekend. And I am glad. I look forward to a weekend indoors. I have no costume planned for Samhain (Halloween, All Hallow's Eve...whatever your poison ;) and I suppose I'll just hand candy out to any trick-or-treater's that brave the rains. DH's band has a show on Saturday that I can't say I'm terribly excited about, but will probably attend. It is a costume party...whatever shall I do? My usual fall back of Ren Faire costume isn't what I have in mind. Maybe a witch?

DH's parents are holding their annual pumpkin drop party on Sunday, which I am excited for. His family is so nice (lucky me!) and his parents friends are quite friendly and fun to be around.

I primed our bedroom last night with mold resistant primer (if you recall we had a mold problem in there last winter). That stuff is pretty nasty. It smells unfortunately toxic. This weekend I plan on painting the ceiling and at least the first coat on the walls. Then I'll be painting the trim over the following week. Then DH can do the baseboards!! YAY!

I'm debating a bit on window treatments and a replacement for the closet doors. When shopping with the girls I found the cutest navy blue batik cotton with little bubbly circles on it. But it's 10 bucks a yard. I imagine I'll need about 10 yards, so that's 100 bucks. I think I'm gonna go there...buying curtains isn't any cheaper really. They didn't have perhaps I'll have to stop by and order it tomorrow.

Joe and I have also been debating about the kitchen curtains. We both agree that the kitchen needs more color, but we aren't sure about having the curtains be the red fabric that I found. It might be a little too dark. It's a pretty bright kitchen though, so it might work, but we'd have to see it in action before we actually decided. So here's what I'm gonna do...I'll buy the fabric with enough yardage for the curtains. If we hold it up to the window and decide it's too dark, then I'll make chair cushions out of the fabric and stick with white curtains. If we like, then I'll make the curtains and do something else for chair cushions. :D

Fun! Oh...I should go work and stuff.



Seamstrix said...

The blog monster ate my first comment!

I think you should frame the windows with the red and cover them with white so you get the color but still let in light.

Contrary Colleen said...

hmmm...yes, good idea. I definately want cafe curtains though, so maybe a valance on top that extends down either side and then white in the middle...or something. I know I like the fabric, it's a perfect match for the color scheme I'm doing. Another option maybe would be a nice white fabric and use the red as a stripe on the bottom and side of each valance and panel...then using the red for the chair cushions as well...oh and maybe an apron. ;) Oh I kinda like that idea!