Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finishings. Beginnings.

I love finishing things.  Such satisfaction.  I'm the kind of gal that just loves checking items of the to-do list.  Even small completions like using the very last of a shampoo bottle gives me a small sense of pleasure.  What I'm not enjoying however, is finishing off my job at work. 

I have three weeks left of working before my maternity leave begins.  Aside from hoping I can make it that long, I'm totally overloaded and overwhelmed.  I will not be returning to the same position...the job I've held for 8 years.  So I must figure out a way to sensibly hand off this thing I've been doing for so long to someone I don't know.  And I want it to be right.  I want my people to have the right support.  I want to know the projects I've started will be managed correctly.  I'm kind of wearing myself out thinking about it.  So I need to let go. 

I'm going to start working shorter days and just accept that maybe this time its okay if every item isn't checked off the list.  I've even started turning down work - something I never ever do.  It's okay.  Now is a time to start letting go of finishing and start beginning.

October 2nd, begins my new life.  Hopefully, if baby boy is willing, I'll have a couple of weeks from that day until he arrives to nest, rest and ponder.  And how I love October!  It's my favorite month.  Well, maybe tied with June...but it's still up there. Autumn! I love the smell of the dying leaves, the taste of the air, the heat of the afternoon and the chill of the morning.  It gives me that sense of finishing.  The year is winding down to its end, and in a few short months everything begins anew.  And with baby coming, this Autumn will be more special than most.  A new beginning for our lives as a family!  I'm so very excited.