Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eastlake Lavender

Finally got around to painting the office. When we moved in this room had dingy walls with holes, rotten windows, old granny curtain rods and the nastiest carpet we'd ever seen.

I had originally intended on painting this room green. But I couldn't find a green I liked that wasn't too matchy-matchy with the bathroom, which is right next door. A trip to the Legion of Honor art museum inspired me to consider lavender.

DH did a lovely job installing some baseboard that matches what we've installed in the rest of the house. It sets off the wood floor beautifully.

I love the new color. It's perfect! I hung some linen curtains and the light filters through so nicely. I do plan on putting blinds underneath, but the lovely blinds I have now are just a tad too I'll have to find something else.

There's a bit of thinking on furniture to be done in this room. I'm getting the corner table from my mom that goes with my grandpa's too-small desk which I'm going to refinish and re purpose into a sewing table. Either that or I'll make that my desk and use my current desk as the sewing table. Something. I need to find a way to store my enormous computer tower on the floor so it's not so in the way. And shelves...oh boy. I'm not sure what direction that will take, but a replacement of my mismatched particle board collection is in order. We need lots of storage, as we have lots of books and media that we like to store in this room.

This is the last room of the house that needed painting! I have some trim to finish, but other then that the painting of the interior is DONE!