Monday, October 27, 2008

Daylight is waning...

Every day the sun is setting a little bit earlier. They say it will finally start to cool down and, *gasp* even rain soon! This last weekend I spent Saturday shopping and playing video games. But Sunday, I spend working on the front flower bed. The left half of the bed is now done - tan bark gone, soil turned and drought tolerant perennials and bulbs added. I also added a couple of perennials in the back yard


I reused some of the "granny brick" (much to DH's dismay) to set around the spigot and sprinker valves, and I plan on lining it with cloth then putting gravel in there for a small spot to wash off garden tools, hands etc. I think it's cute and a nice way to re-use something that would have gone to the dumps. He hates the granny brick. But I won this one. :)
I hope to complete the other front bed next weekend, before it gets much cooler and before the rush of holiday's begins. Starting the first weekend in November, I have something going on just about every weekend. And gosh, I haven't done any canning, or started my apricot liquor yet! There just isn't enough time in the week for everything I want to do.
Well, I guess I'll "work" now. Strange environment we have here now. It's 8:30am, and I'm the only person in the office. I think morale is a bit low. Not long now until we find out our fates. Keep your fingers crossed for "transitional" status!!

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