Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Progress in the bedroom

What's that?? Oh, honestly. You guys really do have one track minds!!! The progress I speak of is in regards to painting, silly!

Here is a "before picture of the bedroom - after I've removed most of the furniture. Please forgive the unmade state of the bed:

Here is a picture of the contrast of the primer against the dinginess of the 1958 paint job:

Here is what it looks like after the ceiling has been painted off white, and the walls a light grey color called "Portland Whitebed". The result is quite subtle. I almost wish I'd gone with the next darker color on the paint chip. But it's pleasant and cooling and DH really likes it. Regardless it is a huge improvement:

I still need to touch up the line where the walls meet the ceiling, and paint the trim. DH started installing new baseboard last night. YAY! I will be making new curtains for the windows, and the closet doors will be replaced either with curtains, or new doors. I really want Japanese style doors, but I've been pricing them and they are incrediblly expensive. I got one quote for....$1700!!! I don't think so! So it will probably be curtains.

Just to the right of the closet out of the picture is our teeny tiny "master bath". That will get a new door as well. But I'll get into that more in a seperate thread when I finally start on that room (which will be next).

One nice thing about the color of the walls is that its very neutral, it will be most conducive to a change in decor/linens should I desire one. I imagine Joe will be done with the baseboard by the weekend. I have extensive family plans over the weekend, so I figure over the next week the baseboard and trim will get painted and then we can finally move our furniture back in. It will be nice to have all our dressers etc. in one place again.

The pumpkin party at DH's parents was fun. I simply must show you a picture of their amazing garden. This is but a small snapshot. They are retired so have plenty of time to tend to it. Plus they get full sun allllllll day, and they've been working on their soil for 15 years. Amazing.

Well that's all for me today. This week is eternally slow. I should have pictures of baseboard for you next week.

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