Monday, September 15, 2008


Greetings bloglings...I'm afraid another weekend and come and gone. And what, you ask, do I have to show for it? Sadly, much less then I'd hoped. It does seem that everything takes quite longer then we plan for. The good news is that I've completed the first topcoat of paint on the eaves and gutters. The bad news is that the second coat is only about a quarter done, and we'd scheduled to have it done by the end of the weekend.

Further good news is that the second coat goes much faster then the first coat. Further bad news is that my right wrist has taken a large dump on me. It's been bothering me a little ever since last weekend when we used the sprayer. Something about holding the trigger constantly on that large vibrating tool ( guys are dirty, honestly) aggrivated my wrist. It hasn't been too bad over the last week, but Saturday after about 4 hours of painting I realized that I had a problem.

This latest development is very dissapointing. Not only did it slow my own progress significantly...the things I would normally do during "down time"...e.g. working on painting inside or playing video games...were off limits because they'd only aggrivate it further. After some resistance I went to the store and bought a carpal tunnel wrist brace so that I could try to get some more work done without making matters totally worse. I hate the idea of wearing the brace, I have this fear of becoming dependant on things like that...I know a certain someone like that. But enough of that, because no one really takes that kind of talk seriously anyhow.

It's still achey today and I'm a little worried about working (keyboard and mouse), but I've brought the darned brace to work and plan on treating it otherwise with advil and ice.

I'd like to close this morning with a wee poem:

Ode to my Stalker

Oh stalker, I hear of your passing by
I blame you not for your curiosity
I'm told of your waving and smiling
Enjoying the sight of our monstrosity

Why do you not stop for tea?
Your driving on I can't understand
Could it be that you truly fear
We'd put a paintbrush in your hand?

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Gypsy Junk Knits said...

that's me! I so stalked you again this weekend, and yes I admit your DH saw me, and yes I did wave. I would have stopped, but I was afraid you'd put a paint brush in my hand, and also that I would interrupt your day. And I had to go and knit some more, and get Haze. Good times.