Thursday, September 11, 2008

Realism bites

Okay, so I have created a schedule. Not my usual one where I assume we can get 5 times more stuff done then we actually can. This one is realistic, accounting for other things that are going on and how we never do anything as fast as I'd like. This schedule shows us finishing painting the house around October 12th.

I suppose that's okay, it's on the two of us and we only have weekends plus about 1.5hours to work most weeknights. But it's kind of discouraging. I'd hoped to get more done this year. I haven't even started my winter seedlings or prepped my beds for the winter crops. At this rate we won't get the front yard done this year for sure. Or the fence. Or most of the things on the list. So I'm trying to let go.

If we finish the paining by mid October, then I'm hoping we can handle the Master "suite" (for lack of a better word) by year end. That's the next most important section to be done. And if we can finish that, then I suppose I'll be satisfied and leave the other projects for another time.

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