Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Final coat on the eaves, gutters and roof of porch overhang - CHECK! We busted ass and got them finished over the last two days. There are some fascia that remains (easy compared to eaves) that requires being on the rooftop to do. So DH will be working on that tomorrow (I don't go on the roof, I don't like it). I'll be doing some touch ups today and believe it or not this means we can start with the house primer this weekend!! The house primer is tinted dark, just a shade or so lighter then the house paint, so even though it's primer, it will be a dramatic step. Overjoyed! The end almost seems in sight now. And of course I'm taking a day off this weekend...but whatever I deserve it, and I'm going to FAIRE! I *heart* faire. Huzzah!

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