Monday, September 22, 2008

Priming and other endeavors

We had a 3 day weekend, with Friday off, so that we could join my family in sprinkling my dear Auntie's ashes. We embarked from Alameda and sprinkled her ashes just past the Golden Gate where her DH was laid to rest. Afterward we had a long and leisurely family dinner with drinks and it was a lovely day. Her official memorial is in two weeks.

Otherwise....we primed. Yes at long last some actual color is there to behold, albiet a couple of shades lighter then the topcoat will be. It looks lovely considering it's only prime....or maybe that's just because the surface it covered was so truly horrific.

We got the garage wall and half of the front of the house covered with the prime. It has to be cut in first of course, which is a bit time consuming. But we are JUICED now that the very slow and horrible parts of painting are over and we've reached the fun part! DH has band practice tonight so I will be finishing priming the windows and then tomorrow we'll try to knock out the rest of the house front...hopefully by midday saturday we'll be starting on the top coat. Could it be that we'd be done by the end of next weekend? (not counting the window trim /sigh)

We'd have gotten the entire front done had we not taken a much needed day off yesterday. I went to Faire as planned and it was quite fun as always. Great company and yummy beer, rum and foodies. I also scored some excellent loot - smelly soap, yummy teas, new perfume oils, a lovely picture for framing, and a new green ren skirt. I'd been eyeing green skirts for some time. I love my current costume which the lovely Seamstrix Art fashioned for me, but it's been some years now that I've been wearing it and I wanted to spice things up or have an alternative option to choose from, especially since in the last few years I attend more then one faire. The skirt I selected would look lovely as a new overskirt for my current costume, would work nicely as an underskirt for the belly dancing costume I'm putting together, and would also be versatile should I choose to create a new ren costume of a different flavor in the future - I've often thought of doing something either hunts-woman or celtic themed and the new skirt would work well for either.

I may attend again on the last weekend, depends on how things are going. But if I don't I cannot complain of being bereft of the joys of the shire.

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