Monday, July 14, 2008


Back at work. Blech! Ah well. At least there's plenty to do to make the day fly! I am moving. My boss will be in town alot and has requested that I move upstairs. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it. The pro's are that it is a change of pace, and much more light. I'll be in the only cube on that floor and it has a huge window behind it and a wall of windows in front of it. Which means, house plants and vitamin D. The con's are that part of the cube area includes 3 printers. And it's not great for you to sit so close to printers. The other cons are less space overall, and MUCH less privacy. So the con's kind of outweigh...but se la vie.

We went to Sac this weekend for a friends birthday. I took what was left of my last harvest of zucchini and used this lovely grilled zucchini recipe, which was quite the success. Very simple, and very tasty. Though by the time I got to the grill I was already fairly hammered and so I think I could have cooked them longer to really do it right. There were no complaints though! And nevermind the 4 or 5 slices that now live in the bottom of Dan's bbq. :D

I'm wondering if the zucchini are done. I don't see any new ones except for my mutant ones (recall my post about needing two plants to germinate properly). The summer squash are seeming pretty done as well. They were okay. I think they needed more room to stretch. The fruit was tasty, but rather thick skinned. The corn is done. I'll harvest them this weekend and grill the ears. My wee little crops LOL. I don't know if corn continues to produce or if it's just one crop period, but I suspect the latter. I harvested the beans and I think I left them on too long. There were a few that were good, but most were just not right. We kind of grew more food then the two of us could eat. Well that's not exactly true, let's just say my gardening eyes are bigger then my lazy-cook ways can handle. The 3 sisters beds which were glorious to look at in early june are now haggard. I'm thinking of pulling everything and trying to start other warm crop late, just for kicks. I don't want them to be completely empty until Sept when I start my cool crops in there. Maybe I could get some eggplant to produce?

Anyhoo - I'd better get to packing my desk.

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Au Jardin Potager said...

Eggplant take a long to mature. They're best started very early in the season, right after the last frost. My egg plants have been in the ground since March and I'm still waiting for my first eggplant to mature. I have tons of babies though. If you're looking for a quick crop try snap peas or beans - they mature quickly - you can also plant a cherry tomato or two. There's still enough time to plant quick maturing tomato varieties which will begin produce in a couple months from now and give you tomatoes through November. Basil and or cilantro would do well too.