Friday, July 18, 2008


YAY!!! The weeks have been long lately, so I'm so glad for a friday again. I've had a bad crick in my neck all week and it's been hella bumming me out. It's not better yet either...I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow it will start to improve?

We have some friends coming into town tomorrow and I'm excited about that. I'm gonna make chili for lunch! YUM! Other then that I plan only on cleaning house, gardening, and possibly going to see Mamma Mia with Gypsy Junk (maybe Sunday afternoon??). I'm also kind of looking forward to the new Batman flick which looks fairly savage. We rented the prequel to it for watching tonight after housework.

Not much else to report I'm afraid. I've done next to nothing this week due to my neck pain. Maybe next week will be more eventful. I think I'll make zucchini bread tonight. I have a feeling that dipping zucchini cheddar bread into my chili tomorrow will be extra yummy.

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Gypsy Junk Knits said...

that's me, that's me! I wanna go see Mama Mia!!! Kinda, but yeah I do. Sunday would be great.