Monday, February 4, 2008

Grrr Monday.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Ours was good. I spent a bit of the weekend in the vortex. I painted the entry way. The color I had selected was "soft white", which looked quite beige against our trim color when I was examining the paint chips. Once it was on the walls it didn't look nearly as dark as I'd hoped. I'm not sure there will be quite enough contrast to please me. But I don't really want to spend even more money on paint right now, so I think for the time will have to stay. In fact...I think the hallway will be the same color, as there's almost a gallon left still and I'm hoping that will be enough to paint the whole hallway. I haven't yet painted the trim, so once that's on there maybe it will look better then I'm thinking. It does look nice and clean.

I also painted the fronts of the closet and hall doors - two coats! They turned out lovely and I plan on doing the backs and inside jams tonight and tomorrow. Several small items on the to-do list have been lingering...which made me miss my mark of finishing the living area by the end of this past weekend. But was superbowl weekend and we left the vortex long enough to attend a very enjoyable super bowl party yesterday. It felt great to get out and be social!

So this week will be devoted to finishing the doors, the trim in the entry way, steam cleaning the dining room and maybe we'll even shop for the new light fixture. Those are the outstanding items and then it's bathroom time! I did pick up the paint chips and hung them all over the bathroom walls. We shall ponder them.

I almost forgot to mention, while putting off steam cleaning I did some other cleaning instead. I went through all my sewing and yarn supplies and further consolidated them. I also cleaned my notions box so that I can actually find things in it. And I emptied an entire container full of junk - throwing some away, putting some in the goodwill pile, and finding new homes for the rest. I inspired DH, and he added quite a bit of stuff to the goodwill pile we are building. So adding to my list for the next week is to tackle the art supplies and video game junk next!

The sun is shining, the acacia are blooming and I can almost taste spring. It will be time to plant seeds soon. To all the three lovely ladies who read this blog...mabye we should have a seed planting party in a couple of weeks?


Gypsy Junk Knits said...

oh certainly we should plant some seeds soon. I want wild flowers and zucchini, and tomatoes, and more mint, and some more sage, and some sunflowers, and pumpkins, and whateva!
So... you have a junk pile, huh?

srmcon said...

David has bought a bunch of seeds and supplies. He plans to somehow incorporate Jason into the mix...I wish him luck.

Seamstrix said... work computer automatically signed me in using the boss' account! Sorry about that.