Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gonna have to face it...

...I'm addicted to blog!! Heh. I was real hesitant to even start this thing, but now I find myself wanting to post on it all the time, even if I don't have anything to say. Silly silly me. I've done no work this week so far. But that's okay, a few days of rest is good. DH is sick sick sick! Poor baby. Tonight I might actually pick up the paintbrush again to work on the remaining touchups in the dining room. And I've been making lists and spreadsheets! Woo! I love lists and spreadsheets. I'm trying to keep track of our home improvement spending, and trying to plan for exactly what we want done in the next rooms we are planning on working on - the main bathroom and the hallway! Yay!

The color in the bathroom is up in the air. We have some debate on the matter. Like the kitchen, the tile is 40's style - white with yellow trim. Well, we've not been wanting to just paint it plain old white, as it would be too much like the kitchen and we want it to have a little more interest. Right now it's baby blue (i'll post pictures later) and I guess it's not the worst but we want it different. I really wanted chocolate brown rugs and towels and some nice wood tones in there to warm it up, be we still were thinking it needed more. I thought we could strip the paint off the vanity cabinet and wood stain it, and DH loves that idea so we're definately doing that. But the wall color is still open. I had suggested yellow and white stripes - but he was skeptical. Then we were thinking very light yellow - but that might be too much yellow, and yellow isn't the most flattering color on the skin. We were also thinking beige - but, meh. Most recently he suggested green and I kind of agree.

I was thinking kind of a sunny fairy woodland kind of theme heehee. I have this nice poster that is matted and framed... it's a classic picture that you probably have seen before of a very green woodland with a maiden in old-fashioned dress standing in wonder over a circle of tiny fairies dancing. The fairies themselves have a very warm yellow glow - which would match the yellow accent tiles perfectly. Ever since he suggested green I'd been considering using that picture as our inspiration. When I finally showed it to him hesitantly (thinking it would be too girly) he actually liked it. I'm going to go get some paint chips this weekend to tape up for considering. And I'm thinking we could still use the chocolate brown accents with this color scheme. Maybe a nice light curtain for the window in a print that ties all the colors together. I actually was looking at some calico's yesterday at JoAnn's that might work. LOL, what a dork - I watch too much HGTV!

Anyhow, if I could really really have my way, I'd rip out the glass and metal shower stall and tub, install flooring underneath where the tub was, and put a nice claw foot tub in. Then install a ceiling or wall mounted shower curtain rod like the ones you can find here. I wonder how much it would really cost to do that. It's probably not in the cards, but it would make me sooooo happy. You can tell that this bathroom originally was tub only. The tub is built into a little alcove and there is tile running up the side of the cabinet at the foot of the tub. They installed the shower walls later - and consequently the wall butts up againt the foot-of-the-tub tile, with a tiny gap that dirt gets into. It's *filthy* and there is no way to clean it. UGH. Hmmm. I haven't let go of this pipe dream yet. I was eyeing clawfoot tubs when we went to Urban Ore this last weekend. Most were wrecked, but there were a couple that might have been salvageable.

Alright enough ramblings. I must work now. /cry.

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