Monday, January 28, 2008

One fine morning

I hope everyone's weekend was pleasant, mine was pretty good. I have a hard time sleeping in on weekends. Unless I stay up late (rare!) I usually wake up about 6:30am and feel like I've slept in. Well Saturday I woke at my usual time and went to let the dogs out and caught a glimpse of this beautiful sunrise. I rushed out with my camera to capture it...and then realized that it was *warm*!! I suppose that the storm passing over had some tropical air currents or something because it felt like a late spring morning - close to 60 degrees. I hurriedly put on my shoes and a sweatshirt and took a nice walk with Littles. It felt WONDERFUL. I needed a walk where I wasn't freezing my ass off *real* bad. It set the stage for a good day.

Of course all I did this weekend was work on the house and play video games. That seems to be my latest pattern. I almost feel like I'm caught in some kind of for 2 for 1 for 2 for 1 hour. /sigh. However, it's exactly what I signed up for. And as much as I want a nice long desire to get a serious dent in painting the inside of this house before spring is greater. So paint I did.

The living room is quite close to finished. We actually have the corner that is the new home to my piano complete - except that I need to hang some art on that wall. And the corner with the entertainment center is complete as well. Tonight I will touch up around the trim and baseboards of the dining room and we'll hang the rest of the curtains soon thereafter. Then really - all is left is a new light fixture for the dining room, sanding and painting the doors, and painting the entry way.

I would have posted pictures of the newly complete areas, but they came out all blurry. I have a nice Canon point and click digital, which does have the options for manual settings but I've never learned how to set it. So consequently I try to take pics w/o flash (I hate flash) w/o adjusting the settings first or using something to steady my hasty hands and...well yeah. I suppose I could read the instruction manual. But that would involve reading the instruction manual.

I do have a lovely shot of our new pot rack! I'm pleased with the way it turned out, though we probably need to buy more hooks. I'll leave you with some before and after. Best wishes for a fine week.

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