Monday, February 4, 2008

The Saga of the One and Only Hair Clip

Once upon a time - long long ago - in a land not so very far away, there lived a young maiden named Princess M*. Now this princess was a lass who wore her hair rather long, which she usually quite enjoyed. But alas! Fate was unkind to M, and sent the evil witch, Genetica to bestow upon her an evil curse. Oh, how all the maidens in the land feared Genetica's curses! Poor poor Princess M! For the curse the evil witch bestoweth was none other then the dreaded recurring-bad-hair-day curse. (*gasp*)
For many a sad year M wandered the lands, dreading the days that the curse would show it's evil work. How she longed for the curse to be lifted! She spoke to a wise old crone, who said once cursed with the dreaded recurring-bad-hair-day curse one could never be free of it. But all hope was not lost. The crone spoke of a magical item that though could not lift the curse, would rob it of much of it's power. "Princess M", she whispered hoarsely, "you must seek the One and Only Hair Clip".
M searched and searched, for many years for the magical clip. At long last one glorious day she found it! She happened upon the magical kingdom of Wal Green. And there is was...a light shining from the heavens upon it. And she paid the toll keeper of the kingdom, so that she could take the clip from the fair land and thus she went forth with the wondrous clip in her hair.
For many a year she lived in joy with the clip. It's powers were great, and it kept the evil of the curse at bay. The magical clip was sturdy and had a beautiful tortoise shell color. It held her hair perfectly and comfortably in place. She could fashion her hair using the clip in different ways....sleek at time, and quirky at times. She could even wear it when she was swimming. It was the perfect thing...and she almost never even thought of the curse. It truly was the One and Only Hair Clip.
All was well until one terrible horrible day...she stepped on the magical clip! She cried out in horror as its teeth broke off under her huge foot. It was the worst day, ever. With a sad heart, she traveled back to the land of Wal Green. They had similar hair clips, but none were the One and Only Hair Clip. She traveled even to other lands...Targetia and Longsland...but only found sad and flimsy imitations of the One and Only.
"Woe is me!" cried the princess. For the next several years she tried many non-magical clips. Most of them looked like the One and Only Hair Clip. She would be joyous thinking she'd found the one...but alas...they all turned out wrong. This clip was too small. That clip was too big. The other clip was too sharp. Some pulled her hair. Some fell right out. Some broke too easilly. None were the One and Only.
Poor poor Princess M. To this day she wanders soulessly from land to land. She spends all her kingdoms gold on different hair clips and cries every time the recurring-bad-hair-day curse works its evil ways. And so it will continue...until the end of her days.
the end
*names have been changed. Any resemblence to characters in real life or fiction are completely intentional. No clips were harmed in the telling of this story.


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