Monday, February 25, 2008

Another fast moving weekend

What, monday already? The weekend was excellent. I finished Sophia's blanket on Thursday night. I can't tell you how relieved I am to be done with it. Incidentally, little Sophie turns 11 monthes old on the 1st of March. /sigh. Never again will I tell someone that I'm making them something until it's done and I hand it to them. But it turned out cute for the most part. I still need to wash and block it.

The Stitches West convention was fun. It was overwhelming the color and texture to be had every which way you turned. I saw gazillion things I might have bought, but I had given myself a budget and bought only a small necklace at a wonderful notions booth (by far the best set-up of any booth in the place) and 1100 yards of a gorgeous wool/silk/something blend in a warm variagated tone. The picture is a bit flat and doesn't do it justice. But it was a deal, as it was marked and priced as 400 yard skeins and when they weighed it up they realized it was 550 yards each, but still only charged me for the 400 yard price. I normally don't buy pricey yarn as I only dabble in the needle arts and I have a large stash of woolease and acrylic. But I plan on learning to knit this year, so I'm going to save this gem for when I'm ready for a solid knitting project. According to the girls there is probably even enough for a sweater.

Aside from yarn related endeavors, I had a pretty busy weekend. We had two lovely evenings on Friday and Saturday night hanging out with some friends. I worked on prepping the front door for painting...boy is that door screwed up - it really should be replaced but we have too much else going on right now so I'm just giving it a face lift. I need to caulk some weird cavities it has this evening and then it will be ready for painting. I also continued working on prepping the bathroom for painting. The first step is to scrape all the old paint off of the tile with a razor blade. I mean seriously dude...haven't you ever heard of taping things off? The previous painter of this bathroom has created tons of arthritis inducing work for me. WHO paints like this??? Sloppy!!

Ugh. I'm still debating on the wall color too. I've narrowed it down to a couple different greens that DH liked. You never can tell sometimes until it's up on the wall. One green I'm concerned might be too yellow and the other I'm concerned might be too minty. But I'm overthinking it. Paint is cheap, and if we don't like it I can re-do it. I want to get it done soon. Many rooms to paint still! And our spare bedroom has a strange odor and I'm starting to get paranoid that it's mold hiding somewhere. We might have a specialist come take a look.

DH installed a ceiling fan in our dining room on Saturday. It was a bitch from start to finish. Finding a fan that fit in the room and hugged the ceiling was a pain. We finally found one that we mostly agreed on. It took a while to install, mostly because it had a strange humming that was almost unbearable. It was fine until we'd put the base on and the base would rattle. We were on the verge of taking it down and returning it, when DH fashioned some little rubber braces that helped keep it steady. Also once the fan blades were on that seems to weigh it down a little. In the end, it is quiet and works perfectly and we like the way it looks, even though the oiled bronze finish was a little starker then I originally envisioned...I actually think it works with the kind of warm ecclectic decor we have going on. Note the skateboard gallery I hung on the dining room wall to please DH, in homage of his skateboarding skills. He could have been a pro skater had he focused on it - and I'm not just saying that because he's my honey. All his friends say its true as well. He is magnificant on a skateboard.

Well another week is here and I have a to do list. The weather should be clearing up today! Yay! Ciao...

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