Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Foiled in the Foyer

I finished the painting the front door last night. The door itself turned out pretty good but I must say that overall we are both displeased with the foyer. My intention was to have the foyer be a nice very light beige with the same white trim color that is going in the rest of the house. However the beige I chose doesn't contrast quite right. It's too white-ish and not the right tone and consequently it just looks like mis-matched whites. DH would prefer to extend the brown paint from the living room into the foyer, but I think that would make it too cave-like in that tiny little space and that the living and dining room being that color is enough. What do those of you who have seen it in person think?

I don't really plan on re-painting it soon, but I was planning on using the same paint in the hallway, and now I'm thinking selecting a new color is in order. Darnit, I'm grouchy today!
It's only Wednesday and this week at work has been crappy. I'm going to visit my parents this weekend - it's always nice to see my dad...but I'm bummed about missing the warm weather we are scheduled to have.

I think I'll take next Friday off. I intend to build our raised beds that weekend, and I think it will take more then two days to do everything it entails. We got the clover and chamomile seeds in the mail so I'll be seeding the grass areas, both in front and back as well that weekend. We are both excited about the prospect of the alternative to traditional grass, and I think our neighbors will esepcially appreciate it seeing as we rarely water our grass so it dies in the summer and looks hella ugly. The clover is much more hardy and drought tolerant, and it enriches the soil with nitrogen. AND it has wee little white flowers. The kind that bees like - not so good for bare feet - but otherwise adorable. From what I've read it grows very quicky and can eventually take over what little regular grass there is now. Gypsy Junk...I still need to borrow your tiller and seed spreader if that's okay with you! Oh and I should probably take back my chicken wire, as I need some to line the bottoms of the raised beds. I can hardly wait until next weekend!!

I think we have a mole/gopher! Ugh. I found a small tunnel and the dogs seem to like to paw at it and dig little holes around it. I suppose I need to buy a trap. I think there are sonar ones that just drive them away...but I'm skeptical. Obviously no poison can be used. My friend at work told me that they (they live on a small organic farm in Marin) use these traps you bury that have little claws that come out and grab their necks and kill them. Icky, but poison free. Ooh...maybe I should just release a gopher snake in the yard! Somehow I think that my doggies would kill it.

Well gee - I guess I should work. /Sigh. I'm not feeling the mojo this week. But I have a list of lame stuff to do so off I go to do it. Hasta la vista, baby.


Gypsy Junk Knits said...

I still think the foyer should be something of a different color not brown, and not white, but like a blue or something kickass.
And yes you can have your shieken waire back anytime you want.

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Anonymous said...

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