Thursday, February 21, 2008


How can it stand still and move so swiftly at the same time? Sometimes I just can't wrap my mind around it. I glance in the mirror and see how it has passed. Suddenly I realize how badly I don't want to grow old and wither, but there is no way around that! I worry about all the time I've wasted...yet so often I just find myself spending free time sitting aimlessly in front of the computer or the TV and spending work time mindlessly delivering work that is too easy for me. What is next? But enough of that. I will cast this gloom aside and rejoice, for it's Thursday - usually my most productive day of the week at work...and almost the weekend.

The full lunar eclipse last night was groovy. I tried to take pictures of it, but alas my camera is not up to snuff. I think that perhaps at some point I need to invest in a good camera. I'd like one of those digital SLR hybrid deals with some special lenses. My point and click is great for so many things, but it's already far outdated mega-pixel wise. Maybe if I read the instruction manual, I'd better understand how to manually adjust it and take pictures at night or closeups. But still I don't think that would sate my desire for a new one. I've been thinking about it for a while. Hey Gypsy Junk - do you have any brand or model suggestions?

I'm eager for the weekend. I believe the girls and I are hitting up Stitches West one day or the other, which should be fun. Other then that I'm fixin' to be deep in the vortex. I simply MUST finish painting the front door and we MUST install a new light fixture in the dining room. It's funny how when you get out of the habit of working on stuff every single day, that it's hard to get started again. It should rain all weekend though, so if I manage to not spend too much time in front of WoW, then hopefully progress will be made. I'll let you know how we do. :-D

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