Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yes! to progress...

...no to pictures! I really am so lazy about downloading/uploading my pics. I must get better at it. Shall I add that to my list of resolutions? Oh please. I've already blown them and the year is only 7 days gone. Well maybe not *blown*, but I certainly have been lazy.

But let's focus on the positive, shall we? We *did* make progress over the weekend. Hubby fixed the leaky roof, and his roofer friend came over to survey the work and said that he couldn't have done better himself. Good boy! I finished the pantry door. Really, all that is left to be done to the kitchen is to oil the cutting board and paint the door going into the garage - and neither of those are pressing. It's pretty much done!

I'm completely done patching cracks and holes in the living/dining room and about 2/3 of the way done with sanding of those patches. My arm about fell off on Sunday and finally I let it rest for a bit. I figure on finishing the sanding tonight or tomorrow night. Then I must wash the walls with TSP, then I must tape. I picked up all the paint. I think I bought more then I need. But the trim and ceiling paint I can use the left overs in the other rooms. The wall paint we had custom mixed because the color didn't exist at Kelly Moore. So I didn't want to run out. Plus we'll have to do lots of touch ups after the windows get replaced. The color match turned out beautiful! I'm very pleased, even though I haven't seen it on the walls yet. I just know it will look nice.

So I am on track for my goal of finishing the painting by the end of next weekend! And still I found plenty of time to reach max level on my main WoW character. It's all about priorities. :b


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