Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I think I'll dip some warm biscotti in my coffee...

The paint, the paint! At long last the color is actually on the walls. Boy is painting hard work. My neck and shoulders (and consequently my head) are aching big time. But my toil is paying off, for as of last night for the first time the living/dining room looks new. It needs a second coat badly, but that will happen tonight. *rubs shoulders* /sigh. It's worth it though. The color is "warm biscotti" and I like it. I think I've mentioned before that we enjoyed the warmth of the wall color in our last living room (at the rental house) so we tried to copy it, and I think we hit the mark. The only problem I foresee is the curtains, which were a nice beige color. But now held up against the new wall color they take on a pinkish hue which just isn't good. But new curtains are not difficult to come by. I'll start window shopping ASAP just in case! I'm almost concerned about the same pinkishness from the carpet, which afterall the curtains were obviously matched to. But that's not so easilly replaced, and I think that our rugs and furniture will distract from that. Or...we'll just get used to it.

The new furniture set up will work, we kind of tested it out while moving things around for the painting. It will get the couch off the walls (according to HGTV, having all your furniture against the walls is one of the most common decorating mistakes), away from the cold window and closer to the fireplace. BTW, the fireplace now stands out beautifully against the darker wall color...can anyone say "focal point"? Also it creates an actual dining room and a cozy nook behind the couch for my oft-neglected piano. I do have a camera full of photos for you, and I shall DL them soon.

On the subject of piano....my accross the street neighbors are Vivian and Lee - a lovely older couple from China. It turns out they were both piano virtuosos back in ye old county (I heard from my other chatty neighbor) and they offer piano lessons! Now, it may seem silly for someone who has 11 years of formal piano lessons under her belt to want to take more lessons. But I am truly almost 15 years out of practice. My fingers know a handful of songs by heart that serve only to prove to an ignorant ear that Mary knows how to play the piano. But a few bars into each song, those fingers turn to silly putty and my mind draws a blank. Put sheet music in front of me that once would have been read by sight, and I struggle through like a right handed person trying to draw with their left hand. So yes, I'm toying with the idea of taking a refresher course, mostly to encourage me to practice daily and have some guidance.

On the subject of classes, Gypsy Junk has mentioned a few times now belly dancing and yoga classes. Now belly dancing lessons is something I've been meaning to try for *years*...ever since my first rennaissance fair back in '92. But I've just never gotten around to it. A couple of my friends including the rogue non-poster (:p) Seamstrix Art have taken classes and really enjoyed them. So perhaps perhaps...we'll give it a try some time. The yoga would probably do a world of good for my pain problems, but that class is on Thursdays, and I'm not ready to forego the weekly stitch and bitch.

Ah, a perfect segway (sp?) into another topic...my next crochet project! I do believe I'll finish Sophia's blankie very soon. I think that the rows will be done this Thursday, and I can do the edging over the weekend (who am I kidding) or next Thursday. For a xmas present to myself I bought Crochet Me, which by the way I'm totally pissed off to see it's on sale now. There is a pattern in there for a cute litte rug made out of circles. I like circles! It's kind of modern looking and I think it will juxtapose nicely against the slightly more old fashioned look of our living room as an entry way rug. I need to select my colors, and I think I'll do it in acrylic (*gasp*) yarn, as because of the doggies, it will need to be thrown in the washer on a regular basis.

Oh my, I've spent the last 32 minutes on this stupid post. I suppose I'd best get back to work before big brother flags blogspot as an offender. Until next time.

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Gypsy Junk Knits said...

oh I most certainly can make my belly dance... we should go.
On the rug note though I was thinking that acrylic is ok, but a felted wool rug would be 10x's more durable. But cost more and take more time, but may be worth the effort. Ah and a cost effective way to get wool is to recycle the yarn off of a goodwill sweater!
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