Friday, January 18, 2008

I <3 Long Weekends

Three cheers for Dr. King...huzzah! (And not just for my Monday off, of course) I actually have some non-house related plans. Dinner with friends and a trip to Sacramento for a fun gaming session. Yay! Well, there's some house stuff in there too...naturally. DH and I plan to go to Home Depot tonight to buy the baseboard for our living room. He bought a miter saw yesterday, he's so stoked! It's a scary looking piece of machinery. I really should get over my whole fear of saws thing...but I just can't stand them. Handling blades of any type - even little scissors - gives me morbid visions....saws being the worst. Ugh.

*Anyways* the saw will help greatly with the baseboard project, and it's big enough to cut 4x4's even which will help when we do the yard projects, like a shade cover for the patio. But I'm getting ahead of myself. For this weekend the list is simple:
  • Baseboard (measure, cut, install, paint)
  • paint trim (leaving the doors and mantle for last)
  • shop for light fixture, tiles for the entry floor, and doorknobs
  • Prep entry way for painting
  • Move piano into new spot

Short and sweet. Though that baseboard will be a bitch. Luckilly hubby deals with that! I'm so lucky to have such a handy husband! Oh and maybe, just maybe, if we have the time I'll have to drag him to Urban Ore. Urban Ore is a great place, great for recycled building supplies. It also has a huge warehouse which feels to me like a cross between a flea market and an antique store. DH will *love* it. In fact, I'm gonna email him right now saying we should go tomorrow morning!!

Okay, I'm back. On a last note before I go, I didn't stay long at the Bistro last night. I was just too cold and sleepy. But I did make progress on the blanket, even though I had to rip out 6 rows to get to a very obvious mistake. (This is where I can insert Gypsy Junk's lecture about how much easier it is to fix mistakes when knitting and about how crochet is totally lame except for the occassional edging). But long story short, I have exactly 6 rows left of shells and 5 rows left of single crochet and the blanket is done other then the edging. The other progress was that I figured out what the mistake was that I was making that was causing my count to be off for the last 12 rows or so. I'd explain, but it would make the 2 people who read this blog totally yawn with boredom and one of them has already sat and listened to the explanation with a glazed-crocheting-is-lame face anyhow. ;b

Suffice it to say, I will be starting my rug project soon!

Happy Friday to all. This weekend I will DL some pictures, I swear!

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