Friday, January 4, 2008

Here comes the rain again...

And thankfully so, as we need the water. Two dry winters in a row would have been icky. I don't care for the "if it's yellow let it mellow" thing that happens when we have our occasional Mediterranean climate drought happenings. The bad thing about the rain is no walking or frolicking outdoors. The good thing, is plenty of time for reading, playing video games, and painting!!

I have no pictures for you today, but I do plan on starting to paint the living room and dining room this weekend. Or at least some serious prep work done! There are many cracks that need sanding and filling. My goal is to have the painting done before the end of next weekend. I know, not a lofty goal. But I'm trying to learn to be realistic. I'm not those folks on HGTV (I love HGTV!) who manage to paint and decorate a room in a single day. I, unlike their painting experts, need to tape everything...especially considering we are painting the ceiling white, which means taping along the wall/ceiling joint. Not to mention, it is the weekend and I need at least some time to play WoW. After all i need to hit level 69, and it would give me great pleasure to level up before my pal that I play with. If I could hit max level before him, he'd be steamed! :D

But I digress. We have chosen a warm biscotti brown color for the walls. Our last house had this color in the living/dining room and we, surprisingly, really liked it. Much darker then I would have thought to choose for a great room area. White ceilings, trim and doors. DH will be installing new baseboards as well. We also plan on reorganizing the furniture to a different set up that will hopefully make for better conversation, closer TV viewing and being able to actually use the dining room for a dining room table, rather then as rarely-used piano room. I'll let you know how it goes. Did I mention that I should play the piano more? I guess not. Add that to my list of new year's resolutions (again, for like the 10th year in a row).

On a kitchen note, we have mounted the pantry door, and sanded the cutting board. So some painting and oiling are in order, along with the pot rack and transformer for the doorbell, for this weekend.

Uh oh! Hubby just called and informed me that the roof is seriously leaking in the garage. BUMMER! At least it is in the garage and not the house! I'm confident that he can fix it. He's very handy. However he's very bummed as well. Did I mention his truck is leaking and the fridge is leaking as well? Leaky Leaky day.

I'll post progress, should I make any. Happy Friday

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