Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Mo Fo New Year

Another year, come and gone! I've got to say that 2007 was a good year. We went to Ireland (*sigh* I wish we were there again) and we bought a house. Those are decent things to have done ;)

And now for another year. What will this one bring? Lots of home repair likely lol, maybe another trip. We are talking about New York and Boston. We're not sure if we'll have enough dough what with all the repairs we'd like to make on the house in the next 6 months. But it would be nice and I might have to say "fuck it" and plan the trip. Some other alternatives I've been thinking of would be a trip north to Seattle and British Columbia OR a road trip to Arizona and Utah-ish area. DH has never seen the canyons there and I think he's missing out. I do have the travel itch again already so we'll have to do *something*!

How about some resolutions? Yeah, I know. Resolutions are stupid and all anyone ever does is break them. Last year I had a mantra instead of a resolution and it was gone from my mind before MLK day. But wtf here are my resolutions for this year...pretty typical, but just the same:
  • eat healthier
  • cook more
  • drink more water
  • walk/jog more
  • do more arts and crafts (drawing, sewing, crocheting in particular)
  • learn to knit

And then there is the house...of course. What I'd like to see done this year on the house:

  • Fresh paint, inside and out
  • New light fixtures
  • New windows (hopefully we'll get a big enough tax refund to fund this one)
  • New garage door
  • Hardscape in back yard (shade cover, new retaining wall, raised beds, fence to dog run)

Now ask DH, and you'd probably get a different list. But that's my list so there you have it. And now, in my sadness, I must return to work. I have many emails to read and meetings to set up.

I lift my coffee cup to you...

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