Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Practice with Pictures and Ravel-riffic-ness

So did I ever tell you just how bad I am with web-site-y things? My poor myspace page is totally non-pimped. And anything that requires any type of computer-y noodling I'm simply terrible at. And then there is my horrible lack of patience. One of my worst failings, how impatient I am. So I'm trying very very hard to figure out how to post pictures on this stupid thing and have them land where I want them to. I had a lovely long post all typed up and I couldn't get the picture to move around so I hit the "back" key not realizing it would erase my post. :( But I think I figured it out finally, You have to select no formatting for the picture so you can drag it around. I tell you what, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. So now I will practice.

I have a weakness for skateboarders, so much so that I married one! Here is a picture of my totally cute husband doing a method air off a launch ramp:

Yippeee!!! I recently got my Ravelry invitation. After a long and arduous wait I can now search for patterns to my hearts content instead of working. You can find me at ContraryColleen . There's so many many things to look at there. I thought this skirt was cute, though I think I'd need an underskirt for it!

And my last picture of the day is of my beautiful doggie, Littles

Oh and the shed, you know the one I was all excited about? Well it's too small. It hasn't come yet, but I went outside sunday to make a clearing for it and measured it all out. Joe and I were like "um...nope not gonna work". So now once it arrives we'll have to return it, and just accept that I lost 100 bucks on shipping. Good news is that after a day of freaking out and internet searching we found another at Sears which I just bought today. It's more expensive and it's plastic. But at least its on sale, and will fit more stuff and still fit in our side yard. So though my shed sadness ruined my Sunday I am now re-shed happy.

Hasta Pasta!

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