Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gettin' a move on...

I think I am spending too much time playing video games! OMG, did I just say that? Well I have been, though I've enjoyed every minute of it. The problem is the holiday is fast approaching and I've done little preparation. But I have the day off today and I plan on spending some time shopping and maybe wrapping. Tonight DH and I will be getting our tree and decorating it. Yay! I love the tree. However that means I'll miss the Bistro Bitches meet up tonight. So I should probably work on Miss Sophia's blankie today. I would really like to give it to her for christmas! I have been making progress, mostly on the BART trains.

I figure I'm about half done, not including the edging. So yeah, I best get a move on. I got the pattern from the stitch-ionary in the Encyclopedia of crochet. It's pretty but one side turns kind of funny and leave a little ruffle whereas the other side is even. I tried to alter the pattern, but it didn't work out right. Seamstrix Art (who truly deserves the label of "she who hasn't posted in like, ever" over me), in her wisdom advised me that it won't even show once the edging is on.
And I believe she is right. :) Oh, if you notice the afghan in the background, well my great-grandma made that one. Teensy tinsy little squares - I can't figure out the pattern. That woman had patience! I have some old quilts she made by hand too, though they are too worn and fragile for display. They live inside the cedar chest which is protected by Nana's afghan. I have some of her quilt squares as well, which will eventually go into a quilt of my own making.

Well, gee I guess I'd better get to cleaning the kitchen. DH and his dad put in the ventilation fan last night and there's only a few things left to do. I'll make a list, since I love to make lists:

  • Touch up paint around new door
  • Touch up paint on cabinets
  • Paint and install pantry door
  • Buy and install shelf for over stove
  • Buy and install replacement thingie for stove (alas, when installing the fan a large piece of plaster fell on it and dented brand new stove! Luckily its a replaceable part)
  • Alter the curtains so they fit better cafe style, and maybe add some cute trim
  • Cushions for the kitchen chairs?
Yay!! The end is in sight. So soon, very soon, once my camera charges, I'll post the before and after kitchen pictures.


Gypsy Junk Knits said...

ahh you certainly will be missed, since I'll be downtown by myself or with Cora alone, poo! BUT an X-Mas tree is always rad. Speaking of which I got a string of 35 lights for my itsy bitsy table top tree last night.

Gypsy Junk Knits said...

And Happpppy Birfday to you , Happy Birfday to ewe, happy birfday toootoo ooo o o o youuuuuuu! Yeah