Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Booooooo Cold

I don't like the cold! Yes, yes....I know. Technically it doesn't get cold here in the Bay Area, with lows just around freezing at their coldest and highs in the upper 50's. But that's cold for me! I need my excercise, which usually comes in the form of a daily morning walk with one of the doggies. The poor girls have been coming and sitting at my bedside every morning at 6am, with big excited eyes as if to say "walk time mommy"! But I have been too cold to get up and brave the outdoors so I hit the snooze button and they sigh and waddle back to the couch to mope and cuddle with each other. Consequently both me and the doggies are getting very mopey. A lack of excercise and of fresh air is never good. I promise myself, and yes I'm putting it in writing, that tomorrow I shall walk! I must or my brain might start to melt or mildew or something. That's all for now I suppose. Ho hum.

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