Monday, December 24, 2007

Shed Satisfaction

I'm glad to say, that we have finished the shed project! At long last the monstrosity that I've spoken of is gone, and a tidy new shed is hiding on the side of the house.

Patio Before:

Patio During:

Patio After:

Oh and let's not forget the side yard!


Now here's a little during. I learned a bit about patio
making with this process. Taking shortcuts makes for a
patio that is a bit uneven. However, it's not bad considering
how quickly we did it (took a day for the patio part).
And its only to sit the shed on top of. If we were ever to
do this for an actual patio, then we'd go to the effort of
digging it out several inches before laying everything
out the way you are supposed to. That way there is enough gravel and sand to actually work with to keep the entire thing perfectly level. As it was we only had about an inch to work with. Still not bad IMO.

And finally the finished product:

So there you have it! We took the junk stuff to the dumps today. I hate the dumps! It stinks so bad and I can't help but think what scourges we are on the planet every time I go there. However, most of the stuff we took was recyclable so it all went in special recycling bins so I felt a little better.

Anyhow...a last note for the day...Happy late Solstice! I love the Solstices. They always bring about a feeling of change and peace for me. Especially this means midwinter (even though on our calendar it says first day of winter, I consider it midwinter) and that the days will slowly be getting longer. I hate the cold and the dark and it means spring is a mere couple of months away and that soon the fruit trees and acacia trees will be blooming and giving me the hope I need to make it until March. I feel better already.

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