Thursday, November 29, 2007

As I stand accused... she who "hasn't even written a word in like ever" and I've even been threatened by virtual stabbing with knitting needles! That's right, can you believe it? Well it is true that I haven't written, but its mostly because I feel bad writing without something to write about or pictures. I've been doing nothing crafty lately, still trucking away on the blanket for baby Sophia, who may be in grade school by the time I finish up. It's the house I tell you, the house I blame for all my craft-less woes. Soon I promise I will post pictures of both the blanket and the kitchen.

So at least we are making progress on that. The kitchen really is almost done. Hubby put the new door up and now we just need to do some finishing on the cabinets and he needs to install a ventiliation fan. That should be fun. Then we get to finish decorating!! I need a shelf for over the stove, and I'd like a new light fixture as well. Then Hubby got a motherlode of brand new Lagunitas Beer labels (his favorite beer) which he wants to mat and frame in a nice black frame as art. I thought that would go nicely over the kitchen table and it will make the boy very happy to contribute to the decorating part of the equation, since usually I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to that. But you can't really blame me cuz the boy has no sense of symmetry or theme when decorating, and those things matter to me. I choose my battles carefully and this one I have chosen. NO the tacky ass skateboard with a slutty looking girl sucking a lollipop will NOT hang in the living room. I will however allow a modest gallery of more aesthetically pleasing skateboards grace a wall somewhere in the house....maybe even in the living or dining room if I can find a place for them that pleases me. See, don't ever say that I don't compromise!!

Oh what other home improvement news do I have to share? Ah yes. When the boys were installing the aforementioned door, they managed to get plaster dust billowing throughout the entire house. So I quickly hung up a flannel sheet in the doorway between the kitchen and the rest of the house and lo and behold...all of a sudden the ancient floor heater is effective at heating the living room! Even with the door up, it seems the kitchen/garage area is a portal through which all heat goes and does not return. So I'd in my head been toying with the idea of making a nice permanant curtain for that door way that we can close in winter time. I figured the man wouldn't like the idea, and then he comes out with "hey maybe a beaded curtain would look cool here". WHAAA...??? Before the fabric curtain idea I had though the VERY SAME THING but didn't speak of it cuz I figured the idea would be WAY too hippie for hubby. And then he suggests it! And wouldn't you know, I have a vintage from the 60's bamboo beaded curtain that my mother gave to me that simply needs re-stringing. That won't, however, solve the heat problem. But suffice it to say, a curtain of some sort will likely grace that doorway hence. Maybe I'll switch them back and forth depending on the time of year!

Oh oh! And I've saved the best for last. We've been debating on what kind of storage we should buy for our sideyard so that we can get rid of the oft-loathed monstrosity of a shed that is living on our back patio. The sideyard is long and narrow so many standard sheds simply won't fit. We found a tupperware type one, but it was 700 bucks and we couldn't stand the idea of spending that much on tupperware. Custom made one would be awesome, but would be $1300, which we can't afford. So I ordered a shed from Walmart (note: I HATE walmart, but i just happened to notice a link for sheds on google so I said what the heck and there it was). It's ca bit cheap and not the prettiest - but it will always be out of sight, it will fit and it big enough for what we need to store, it's not plastic, we can afford it, and we don't have to build it ourselves...which we were talking about doing and with everything else going on we'd end up with the monstrosity on the patio for a year.

So we are very very excited for our little aluminum shed to arrive so that we can get on with the backyard. Now there's a project I'm very excited about!

Well gee - I guess I'd better work again. Don't let it be said that I never ever post. Just that I never actually post any pictures.

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