Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nursery, continued

Well, the nursery is just about done aside from some small decorating details. Overall I'm pleased with the results.

I selected some pictures from an etsy shop that I think go perfectly with the fabric:

The rocking chair has been reupholstered and I think it turned out great:

I  considered a big change in the fabric that would make it more matchy with the nursery, but in the end decided that sticking with the original style of the chair would be more appropriate and longer lasting decoratively speaking;

I'd still like to replace this shelf unit, but you know what?  I've spent too much money.  Baby boy will not care that he has an ugly non-matching IKEA shelf unit in his room.  :)

Now I'm just patiently waiting.  Or impatiently waiting as it were.  I wish this baby would opt to arrive very soon.  I'm eager to meet him and start our new lives together.  I should probably work on some quilting projects to keep my hands busy while I'm waiting.  Perhaps I will.

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