Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better late than never...

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, I purchased fabric to make my dear cousin a lap quilt.  I chose the fabric according to her tastes, cut out the squares, and then stopped.  I grew weary of sewing and took a very long break from that hobby.  For fifteen years, those squares have been sitting in a plastic tub with the rest of my fabric stash.  For the first couple of those years, I got a yearly plea/guilt trip from my cousin about her missing quilt.  "Where's my quilt?" she'd say.  To which I'd shrug and reply "I'll finish it someday".

Well, someday has come.  During the process of turning my sewing room into the nursery, I discovered the squares and thought it might be nice to start a project that had nothing to do with preparing for the baby's arrival.  And today, aside from a small repair to the edging, the Cousin Quilt is finished.

I'm rather pleased.  This is my first quilting project in 5 years, since I made a quilt for my newborn niece.  I'm finding myself having a renewed interest in sewing (or at least quilting) and I already have a quilt ready to piece for my new nephew who is scheduled to arrive near the Winter Solstice, and I almost have enough pink & purple scrap strips to make my darling niece a "big girl bed" quilt for her 5th birthday in February.

But in the meantime I shall wrap this quilt up, with a little note that says "Better late than never" and give it to my cousin as her winter holiday present.  She'll be so suprised!  I know she's long forgotten this project.

Speaking of late...today is my due date.  Baby boy has been baking for 40 weeks and is not showing any sign of wanting to make his grand entry into this world.  Even though he's not officially late for another day, DH and I are going a little crazy with the waiting.  I have dreams about holding his little hands and cuddling him.  I want to meet him, and start our lives together so badly.  Has anyone ever been pregnant forever?  I certainly hope he will not be as tardy as the cousin quilt.  ;)

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