Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Planting & Junk Beds

Well, I finally got the majority of the warm season crops planted. Sunday I finished ripping out the very last of the winter veggies. We went to a BBQ at the lovely gypsy junk's house and I made a huge salad out of the last of the lettuce, spring onions, over-wintered carrots, beets, beet greens and some random stuff from the fridge. I also sauteed up the last of the sugar snap peas. Boy were they tasty!!

I turned all the beds well, amending with some yummy compost (alas, store bought. Our garden resolution for the year is to start actively paying attention to our composting). Then last night after work I planted corn, zucchini, beans, early girl tomatoes, cherry tomotoes, sweet basil, thai basil, 4 different kinds of hot peppers, spinich, romaine, arugula, mixed lettuce, swiss chard, carrots, beets, sunflowers, cosmos and zinnias. Phew!! The tomatoes, peppers, annuals and basil were all saplings I bought at the nursery. I started my seedlings too late this year...they need at least 3 weeks before they are ready to go out. Once they are, I'll mix them in with the rest or put them in wine barrels.

I have one wine barrel that is empty and I haven't quite decided what to put in it yet. The hops are starting nicely...at least the nugget and the new variety (forget the name) are. The cascade hops (which were our big producer last year) are doing nothing! We've added compost and fish emulsion etc...but nothing. Not sure what's going on there.

The yard is really coming alive!! This might be my favorite time of year. The "lawn" for lack of a better word has not yet turned straw yellow, and looks pretty with the tiny wildflowers peeking out of the grass. The beds are clean and full of baby plants. Everything is green and fresh. Bulbs are popping up everywhere. The air smells like lilac & freesia. I love it!! Soon the apple tree will be blooming, covering everything with white petals.

I told DH last night that possibly my favorite part of the yard is what I affectionately refer to as my "junk beds". The back patio has an L-shaped strip of soil around it at the foundation of the house. The soil is poor and chock full of nasturtium, which I like...though it takes some attention to keep from taking over. These are my junk beds. Normally I plan everything. The front yard I give thought to because people see it. The raised beds I plan out because they are edibles. The large backyard plantings I plan for because of the dogs. But no planning for the junk beds. I just throw shit in there and whatever works works. I love it, it's liberating to not plan for once. And they look gorgeous. Over the last couple of days I transplanted some flowers from the raised beds that were still going strong. I also threw in some soil mixed with black-eyed-susans, echinacea, bright yellow alyssium and some wildflower seeds. I wonder if they'll take? So much fun.

Well I guess I'd better actually work, before big brother decides to block blogger as well.

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