Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh my it's February already.

I realized I never did post a picture of the bedroom after finished so here you go. Note my lovely birthday present from Gypsy Junk in the corner. It looks very sweet with the candle lit inside of it! I have yet to finish the curtains (they need hemming and I need to decide upon the tie back situation) but everything else is done and I think DH did a particularly good job on the baseboard. He gets better every room. He's talking about crown molding. :)

I painted the hallway as well since last I posted. There is no point posting pictures of that, because it's pretty much the same color it was before (off white) except eggshell instead of flat and nice and fresh. I still need to paint the doors, trim and baseboard there.

We've moved on in earnest to the bathroom, fully prepped, and painted and now being repainted. The first attempt was too hideous for words. Every time I went in there I half expected an alien to burst out of my chest. Tooooo yellow-green. But now we've moved on to a sage color and we're both excited. It's gonna look sweet. Some before, during and after pictures will follow in other posts.

On the resolution front I suppose I should keep my resolution to make monthly resolutions (doing fairly well on January's) and make one for February. My resolution for this month is to stretch at least 5-10 minutes every day.

Well - busy weekend ahead!

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TJLoop85 said...

I think crown molding would make an excellent addition to this room. The hanging glass is very unique and gives the room a lot of added character...great job.