Saturday, February 14, 2009

Journey of bathroom painting

The bathroom began blue. An institutional shade of blue. And it had a nasty spot in one ceiling corner from previous water damage (which DH skillfully fixed). We didn't like it.

And now came the question of what color for the walls? I suggested white, but we already went all-white route in the kitchen and DH thought it would be boring. So we discussed perhaps a light green. So after many moons of swatches hanging on the walls, we chose a very light yellow-ish green (after all the tile accents are yellow). Bad idea. It glowed. The room next to it glowed. Bad.

We quickly developed a new plan, a sage-ish green instead. I'd seen a lovely cottage bathroom in a magazine that had the white/sage/yellow scheme and I really liked it. And we are pleased. I love it.

Now I'm painting the trim and cabinet white, which looks lovely. Next comes the installation of the wainscoting. I can't wait to see how it will look!

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Seamstrix said...

That looks much, much better.