Wednesday, December 3, 2008


There have been many. Time is flitting away. I haven't been accomplishing what I need to accomplish. Work has been the primary distraction...I know for sure that I have a job, which is nice. But my days just got very very busy...which is nice, albeit problematic - longer hours, and not enough time for xmas shopping on lunch breaks. /sigh.

Then there are the more pleasant distractions. Turkey day being one of course. Then I've developed some new addictions. Then there is "Twilight" (the books, which I haven't been able to put down until I finally finished them) and "Lost", which DH and I have decided to get hooked on, 4 years late. We are trying to motor through 4 seasons on DVD before season 5 starts in January.

And now at long last, the new computer has arrived and I'm sure that the juicier graphics and lag free playing will make WoW a refreshed vice for me. So what time does this leave for painting and other household endeavors? Not much.

It hasn't been a total waste of a couple of weeks though! I did some gardening which was nice. And I made curtains for our bedroom which turned out cool (they have yet to be hemmed though). DH calls my fabric choice "space age" and he likes it. And DH built shelves in our garage! I'll have pics soon. But for now, unfortunately, work is calling.

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