Monday, June 2, 2008

Rock on

The rocks, at last! I believe I've worn out every single possible rock joke this weekend aside from the title I'll spare you. I'm so glad they are finally in, it's starting to look so much more finished out there! I had searched craigslist etc. high and low and the only rocks I found were either lava-rock (ick) or they were in far away places, and DH's truck won't hold more then 1/2 ton so it would have required mucho gas and effort. So instead we purchased them from the landscaping supply place right down the road and had them dumped in the driveway. This is 3/4 of a cubic yard which at first sight seemed like there was no way it would be enough. But it stretched out nicely. We have a couple of thin spots, but nothing too bad.

We had great fun this weekend! We BBQ'd with friends on Friday night at home and used our outdoor fire pit for the first time. It was soooo fun! Then Saturday we had a nice breakfast and played disc golf at Lake Chabot with DH's friend that stayed with us. Then we rocked for a while (oh sorry...I promised no rock jokes), then we went to the Cherry festival with some friends. I bought this lovely solar light there, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working. Hopefully it's just the batteries or something, because there's no way for me to return it:

Yesterday I got up early and went to the nursery and planted a few plants - just for fun! Then I went and bbq'd with more lovely friends while DH worked on the electrical in our garage. We are now ready for the new garage door to be installed! I must call Sears and arrange it. Here's another pic of the rocks - this time dry. Not so pretty as when wet, but still lovely IMO.

Now back at work. But it's okay because it's another short week which ends with camping and Faire in Tahoe, one of my favorite places on the planet. I must work hard this week. New projects are coming my way and I'm still trying to get caught up. Here's to a fine week for you all.


Au Jardin Potager said...

It looks so nice and tidy with the rocks. Did you by chance put weed block down under the rocks?

Contrary Colleen said... would have sucked to maintain otherwise. We used some real heavy duty fabric-y stuff instead of the plastic stuff.