Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Huzzah for Faire

The Valhalla Ren Faire weekend fast approaches! (as if you reading, didn't already know that!). I'm very excited, I do love faire and it's yummy's and frolicking. Camping is included which is even better. I need the smell of trees and Tahoe is one of my favorite places on planet earth. I am a bit nervous going with a group of people I don't know so well...friends of miss Gypsy Junk. It's not that I've never met them, it's just that I tend to get a little social anxiety around people who aren't in my inner circle. It's all good though. It will be fun no matter what, and she and I are having fun planning our foodies and such.

I'll go and visit mom first. Carson is a quick drive from Tahoe, and I feel bad being so close without dropping in. Poor mom is all alone now, after all these years. :(

So back to faire. What shall I shop for?? I love shopping at faire! I always spend a stupid amount of money just on beer and food. But WTF, I only go once (or twice) a year and I actually set money aside for it. So I'd like think I'll be shopping for (beware, bullet points imminent)

  • yummy smelly soap
  • yummy tea
  • any cute decorative gardeny whatnots
  • perhaps a new necklace, my current go-to necklace is a year old now - though I still love it
  • always on the hunt for potential new costume, or current costume additives
  • possibly some faire shoes - i currently wear icky rotten birkenstocks...uh oh, did I throw them away after last year???

That's right. Faire, bitches.

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