Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wow, thursday already

This week has gone very fast and I, unfortunately, cannot claim it's been a good week. But that's okay because the weekend fast approaches and I plan on spending most of it in our beloved little back yard. Our lilac tree's are starting to bloom. :) I really really really love our little yard. Did I mention that I love it? It's certainly not big, but I feel very comfortable working with what we have and letting the yard teach us what it wants and what will work. There's just a simple list of basics for me that I want (for now, until we have acreage someday) and this space already has- or has the potential for- all of them, despite it's diminutive size. And we haven't even begun to start on the front yard! I have plenty of ideas for out there as well. I've been waiting my whole life for this opportunity! Our *very own* space. We can do whatever we want with it!

This weekend, assuming I can overcome my moodiness and lack of motivation, we will be finishing off the pile o' dirt, starting on the gravel walkways around the main raised beds, over-seeding the grassy areas (front and back) with clover and chamomile seeds, and setting up the hops. Because we are planning on painting the house this summer, we opted against setting them up the way DH wanted, in the raised beds climbing up the wall on twine to the roof. So instead we are setting up a little trellis for them in wine barrels. Next year we can always move them around and I had been planning on getting some new barrels anyways. We got two barrels for a good price from a guy on craigslist who works for a winery in oakland. The barrels are stained red from wine and smell really yummy.

Oh, and then there is the spare room. I've reaching the sanding stage. My ultimate least favorite thing to do is sanding. So every night I've looked in there with a sigh and then sat my ass down on the couch or computer chair and been entirely unproductive. We shall see how far I get on that.

May your thursday and friday be swift, and may your weekend be sunny and leisurely.


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