Thursday, March 6, 2008


Do you ever feel like an idiot and a genius at the same time? I felt that way when locating the cause of the musty smell in the spare bedroom. I was cleaning it out to prepare it for painting when I caught a distinct whiff of said smell...coming from the old vacuum cleaner that we'd taken to storing in that room. This old vacuum used to live in the garage until a few months ago - right about when we started closing the door to that room (for heating purposes) and the smell surfaced. It does need a bag change. And it was his Grandma's vacuum. Nasty nasty. Anyhoo - the vacuum has been moved back to the garage (yes I will buy bags for it this weekend) and the smell is gone! WOOHOO! It's not mold! We are so relieved! Because eventually, hopefully, that room will be a nursery so we were extra sensitive to whatever mystery toxin might have been causing the odor. Now there isn't anything to worry about!

Feeling slightly better today. Here's to a productive weekend in the sun! I have tomorrow off people. Na na na na Ha ha ha ha! :b


Rachel said...

Hey, I used to have one of those moldy smelling, nasty vacuums too...

Huzzah for no mold!

Contrary Colleen said...

Maybe I should ask for a new vacuum for the holidays. :) How romantic! I like the Dysons.