Monday, March 10, 2008

Huzzah for Raised Beds

Greetings Bloglingas. I haven't much time today. My frequent absence last week from work has provided me with much to do today! It will at least make the time fly. Much progress was made in the yard over the weekend. Thanks to Gypsy Junk for the use of her rotatiller. I leveled (mostly) the patch where the beds were to go on Friday and shoveled the remains into piles. See the huge pile of dirt? Oooh my aching back (and arms, and even butt!):

Then DH built the beds on Saturday:

Then yesterday we dug them down a little and leveled them. There are two other beds as well, but we are debating how close to the house we can put them, since they are wood set in dirt and all. I think they'll get set about 6 inches out from the house at some point this week. Also this week I will fill them with some of our dirt, compost and some other goodies and start putting some plants in those suckers! Then I'll put a new border in front there, and add liner and gravel to the walkways around the beds. Yay!

Time is moving quickly! Mid March already? I have promises to keep, and rooms to paint before I sleep.

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Rachel said...

Nice beds!!! Good dimensions. It's so important to be able to reach to the center without killing yourself or stepping on the soil. I have some extra baby artichoke plants that I grew from seed. if you have a sunny place to put them I can give you two or three - they won't do anything this year but next year they'll look fabulous and provide you with tasty Purple Italian Artichokes. Artichokes can thrive and produce for many years with little care.