Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Savvy, I'm not!

I'm pretty inept at computer anything - with the exception of the MS Office suite of which I'm a "power user", if that really even means anything. But trying to get a picture to work for my header is another story! I'll have to try again later, but at least I got a picture of my doggies to post! I love my doggies! They are so old now that it makes me sad. There's nothing like coming home to wiggly, fuzzy, smiling creatures that are simply ecstatic to see you! It took me a while to get my husband to agree with my position...but he's grown to love them. I even catch him snuggling with them - though the black-eyed dog avoids him like the plague because he enjoys tormenting her.

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Seamstrix said...

It's not you...I'm having trouble customizing my blog too. I can't figure out why but I haven't spent too much time trying to make it work either.