Thursday, October 18, 2007

Home Ownership Rocks!

So the hubby and I just recently bought our very first house. We'd been thinking about it for years and finally scored a sweet little fixer upper in a nice neighborhood. Now that we've been in about two weeks things are starting to need fixing. We currently have no heat, no hot water (we have it set to scalding in order to get a luke warm shower) and the water from the latest rains is sitting stagnant at the end of our driveway and can't seem to find its way to the nearest storm drain. We also have a leak in our attic. So many things to do, many phone calls to make, and miles to go before we sleep.

We bought a new water heater which gets delivered tomorrow, and the hubby plans on installing it himself. I'm a wee bit concerned about the whole process...but he's very into the whole DIY thing so I'm letting him have at it. The HVAC guys come tomorrow as well and I'm nervous to find out how much fixing the furnace might cost! Hubby seems very on top of fixing the roof...we have a good friend who is a roofer who gave us some advice. It's good to have friends!

It's all a bit overwhelming, but it is exactly what we signed up for. We couldn't afford, nor did we want, some shiny fancy ready made tract home - we wanted something with character that we could make our own. I am pretty proud of what we did in the kitchen. It has been transformed from a grannyish flourescent yellow with vomit colored linoleoum to a fresher, cleaner whiter version with a new tile floor. I'll post some before and after pictures, but not until I finish getting the cabinet doors painted and installed. I know some people don't even have cabinet doors, but personally without them I kind of feel like I have my pants down.

Ciao for now!

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