Saturday, January 29, 2011


My maternity leave is winding down.  I have two weeks left.  How fast it has gone...and I took a relatively long leave of 4 and a half months (and by relatively long I mean by US standards, not by the standards of the clearly more enlightened European countries where maternity leave is a year).

So what's a girl to do with such little time left?  The LO is getting more agreeable by the day (most days that is) and naps a bit here and there and plays a bit here and there.  I find in the evenings his long nap between 7:30pm and my bedtime is almost hands feel awkwardly free.  I am sorely tempted to pick up the evil Warcraft addiction during that time.  But what I *should* do is pick up some crocheting.  Or some quilting.  Or some learning to make fascinators.  Or...or...or??  It's amazing how 2 hours of free time seems like so much now.

What I have been doing is cleaning, one room at a time.  The bedroom was first...I've cleared out all clothes that no longer fit and either packed them away for post-baby-weight-loss time or sent off to goodwill.  And I took down the celtic and asian hodgepodge of artwork that has adorned my bedroom walls for a dozen years.  I searched high and low for replacements until it became an obsession.  But finally I opted to frame some old botanicals and such that were sitting unused in the back of my closet.  They look nice, though DH describes them as "granny".

I also replaced the curtains.  I had a lovely batik fabric, which never pleased me as curtains.  I bought some simple charcoal colored linen curtains at Ikea and altered them to fit as dummy panels.  Charcoal will match better with any artwork and any bed linens.  This change DH is pleased with. to another room and another item on my to-do list.  Cheerio, bloglings.

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