Sunday, August 29, 2010

It is secret? Is it safe?

I never was good at keeping a diary.  A while ago I went through my diaries from childhood and found them so empty that I actually threw them away because there was nothing in them worth keeping.  But lately I find myself wanting to write things that are more on the reflective side. Or the creative side.  But the question is...just who reads this thing anyways?  Who is my audience?  Perhaps I should begin each post with "Dear blogger".  Should I hide the blog under my mattress?  In the underwear drawer?  Naw...those are the first places people would look!!

I believe only my best friends and my husband are even aware of this little blog.  But I also think we as a society are growing so accustomed to sharing ourselves online, that we get lulled into a false sense of security that only people we care to share with will witness our online selves.  Those facebook posts with four letter words or questionable content; that picture after a little too much tequila; that profile picture of me, 6 months pregnant, flipping off the camera man.  Will I now add innermost thoughts to the online version of me...for anyone out there in the twisting nether of the interwebs to see?

I suppose I shall, come what may.

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