Friday, February 20, 2009

Moments after the rains

I was lucky enough to have about an hour of daylight left when I got home from work today, and so I went outside to do a much needed doggy-cleanup and take some pictures.

Broccoli is pretty when it flowers, though I was sad that I overlooked eating this one:

I think the fava beans are happy. And lordy the tiny snapdragons starters that I planted last March are practically becoming their own forest. I've never seen such healthy snapdragons. I plan on pulling them out as they've kind of taken over, but now that I know they take such a shine to my yard I'll just start some new ones. Bulbs are peeking up all over the place, and the flowers in the eco-lawn seed are popping up happy as can be. Gee, I guess we should mow evenutally.

I've never had a fava bean, but I hear they are tasty. They smell lovely, like sweet peas and I love thier little black throats.

The rains should return tomorrow, but at least I got a moment to enjoy the yard. More rain is good, yes.

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