Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

After a crazy week we departed into a crazy weekend. I came down with a nasty cold Thursday night and have been down with it all weekend. Unfortunately there was simply too much happening to really take any time to rest. I'm not sure if I just worked through it but I'm feeling a bit better today.

Saturday was my aunts memorial service and reception. That made for a busy day...sad too...but we tried to focus on celebrating her life. Hopefully the luck we've had as a family will turn now...just as summer is turning to fall.

Sunday we finished the second coat on the house. We are very close now...close to finishing that monstrous project! Only trim and touch-ups remain, which we will be working on over the next week and weekend. Finally! It looks great IMO. I'm in love with the new color.

Finally now that the painting is winding down I was able to spend a little time in the garden. I took a half day this morning to recover from seeing Gogol Bordello (my friends, if you are not yet in love with this band, then you simply must open your heart to them), which was FANTASTIC! The best show I've seen in ages. Anyhoo...this morning I felt better then I expected so got two of the beds planted. All the beds will get crops that will reportedly either produce in winter, or will overwinter nicely and produce in very early spring.

These beds got carrots, onions, sweet peas, beets and fava beans. I couldn't bear to rip out the snapdragons which I've read will overwinter.

Over the next week-ish, I'll be harvesting the peppers, tomatoes and sunflower seeds so that I can start working on the big beds which will get a bunch of cool crops.

I'm so pleased with the way the plants look against the new house color. This border bed is particularly pleasing to me right now with the mums coming into bloom. I just received about 100 bulbs which will be planted in various places, but several will go in this bed for some early spring color.

Anyways...this post is rather scattered in its stylings and its because I'm in a see I only have a half day off and I must get to preparing to leave for work. Ick.


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Gypsy Junk Knits said...

Oh yeah! I might just stalk past your house tonight to see the loveliness that is your newly painted house!!!
I was thinking about you guys and your Aunt's memorial, wasn't sure what day it was on. I'm lad it all went well, and was a wonderful rememberance. My love goes to you and your family.
Start wearing purple wearing purple... or blue as it may be.