Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm sore from all this painty work. The rule of painting the outside of a house is: soffets and facia (eaves and the little strips along the roof) first, then cut in the house color (around the windows, base and eaves), then paint the house color, then do the rest of the trim last. So we started with priming the eaves, with the plan of following that with painting the eaves with the top coat, then moving on. However I'm running into an issue already. Some of our eaves are rotten in places that you replace when you replace the roof, which we aren't doing until after Uncle Sam pays us next year. And our roof is okay for now but was laid improperly on top of several old layers of rotten roof. So where the edge of the eave meets the gutter is an ugly dirty gap that isn't supposed to be there, and the back of the gutter and the front of the eave needs to be painted there. And when you run the brush along it, lots of junk that looks like Oreo cookies falls out...gets in your hair, your freshly spread paint, and on the brush. It's super icky and not at all good.

So the solution? I told DH that I want to spray the eaves instead of hand painting them. We were leaning away from spraying because we've been told by experts that it's not the best method for stucco (doesn't get the paint in the texture well enough), plus you have to worry about masking things better, getting paint on your roof, your car, your neighbor's car etc. So our plan is to borrow a paint sprayer this weekend from a friend, and spray the eaves and the eaves only. We will still handpaint the gutters (to save the roof from overspray) and the trim, and will still roll the house. I think this will solve the icky oreo cookie gutter problem.

I'm a little nervous about using the sprayer. I have a feeling this is going to be something that I make DH do...don't look at me that way, he'll enjoy it! I'll take care of the masking of the windows and maybe start cutting in or priming trim while he's busy spraying. :D

Is it ever gonna be done? Like, ever? Ever?

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