Monday, July 28, 2008

My other garden

Upon arriving at my mother's house Saturday, she said "go look at your garden". Oh yeah! The other garden! I'd forgotten in the haze that has been the last few months. The week before my dad's funeral, I looked upon my mothers back yard with despair. The deck is rotting, and at that time the flower beds were full of weeds and cigarette butts (yes my brother has been sharply scolded). I had to make it look decent for the reception for my dad, so I went and spent 40 bucks on annuals, a couple perennials, and some compost and then worked my little hiney off cleaning out the boxes, amending the soil and planting the plants. I also sprinkled a HUGE can of wildflower seed that my mother had stashed. She'd been too busy with dad to get to the yard this year. Wildflower seed is about all the gardening she ever does, she prefers desert landscape.

When all was said and done the back deck looked decent and pretty and I'd forgotten about it since. But mom has been watering it regularly and I neglected to consider what 2 months of desert sunshine would do. It's glorious! I simply must include a bed that can have summer wildflowers when we redo our front yard.

In other news most of the windows are in. I'll have some juicy before and after pics for you later this week. Until then please enjoy:

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