Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

Here is to the upcoming warm midsummer night under the light of a full moon. Too bad DH will be off with his band buddies. But I plan on gardening 'til dark this afternoon then dancing under the moonlight in my yard with my poochies! I need to do some weeding and mulching and maybe plant a few things. The garden is doing well. The spinich has completely bolted but I haven't pulled it yet because I think it's flowers are kind of pretty! The cilantro that I thought never sprouted all of a sudden appeared growing *through* a tomato plant. It's flowering too and it's gorgeous. At the farmers market they were selling bunches of it with flowers on top so I'm guessing it flowering doens't spoil its flavor. The leaf lettuce is holding up well, I must have chosen a good variety for heat. Maybe it will hold out until the tomatoes are done! They are a peeking out finally:

And I'm so very glad I threw some snapdragons in with the three sisters as they've been a highlight! The beans are almost ready, the corn is doing amazing and the squash and zucchini are producing faster then we can eat, though we are battling powdery mold on them.

With this heat the last few days I've been watering a bit more then I should probably with the drought we've had. I know that I haven't cut back the requested 19%, but I don't really see how that's possible considering that we already conserved. I plan on picking up a few buckets for the sinks (to catch water while it heats up) and I bought a toggle switch for the shower but unfortunately it would not fit. I need to find a low-flow shower head with a shut off valve that is the kind that is on a hose that you can take down and hold in your hand. I find it's much better for dog washing, even though we only do that a few times a year it's still worth having.
Anything that has not gone in the raised beds is or will be generally drought tolerant or mediterranean climate friendly (I love this book that DH got me for xmas), but I find it interesting when you read the fine print that in general most drought tolerant plants are drought tolerant "once established". So some of the things I've planted definately exhibit this need and I've realized that I have to water much more often then I hoped, at least this season I suppose. I read an article a few weeks ago about how Xeriscaping can be a misnomer because often those gardens require more water then a lawn of a less thirsty strain of grass would. At the time I found it a bit contrary (it was on a blog where people argue about stuff), but I'm kind of starting to see their point a little bit. I've mostly talked DH into redoing our front yard next year, but it did occur to me that were I to landscape it as desired, using the recommended plants for our climate, that the first year or so it would probably require watering much more often then we water our grass/clover patch that we have today. I wonder if mid-drought is the most prudent time to make the change. Hopefully we'll have a wet winter this year!
Anyhoo - Sunday I have a date! YAY!! I have managed to agree to drag DH away from his motorcycle to take the ferry to Angel Island for some bike riding and picnicing! I'm so excited! Hopefully the air will be clear I'll have some nice pictures for you come Monday.

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Everything looks so nice! Your plants look very happy and healthy.