Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

My, oh my what a week its been so far! Work is b.r.u.t.a.l. But then I again I mostly like it when it is. Lots to do means that I'm not bored, and I *hate* being bored at work. But this particular work is very high pressue, plus I have all kinds of family related work right now. Yikes! It will be like this likely for about a month, then things should settle down a bit.

We are camping this weekend, in the Avenue of the Giants. I feel like I should be looking forward to it more. I'm tired and I just want to be at home. But I know once I get there I'll be glad to be away from everything. It's a nice place, we're going with nice people, and hopefully I'll have some nice pictures when I get back.

In house related news....we are very close to getting new windows! Thanks to Uncle Sam and Gramps we have the money socked away to re-window our entire house. We are nervous about it though, it's a very big investment! DH's friend is a window guy and we've seen his portfolio and it looks really good. He's taking a half day today to meet with the guy and I have to email him a list of questions/wants etc. before he leaves work so I'd best get to it. last thing though, we spoke to our neighbor about the fence...woohoo! I feel so much better about the situation. An old Mexican couple lives there, and they speak no english. But their grand-son owns the house and we finally got to talk to him last night. He's very very nice (and very cute! *cough*) and he's completely on the same page as us. He's not quite ready to do the new fence yet, because his others fences are in much worse shape and he wants to do them first. But we agreed that we'll chicken wire our side, and prop it up with a post. And then we offered to give him what's left of our chicken wire so he could do his side. He's actually going to build a small chicken wire fence within his yard to keep his dogs away from our fence altogether. Then when time comes to build a fence, we'll split the materials and he'll build it. He's in construction and says it will be no problem. Plus he said if we want he'll give us a deal on expanding our driveway when we're ready for that.

Oh...there I go jabbering again...I guess it's okay since this *is* a blog afterall. Hi-ho hi-ho, it's off to work I go!!!

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