Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At least my garden is doing well

When things are sucking in general, I think it's important to find anything positive to focus on. Which in my case is the garden. The veggies are all doing well. We ate some of the lettuce the other night fresh! I can't wait until I can bbq ears of corn out of our garden. Grandma's Nasturtium is over the top...I think I need to trim it back because it's choking out some other things I've planted. I don't know when I'll get to that though. And the how they've grown! DH built a little trellis for them and I helped him put it up the other day. The only things that are not doing well, suprisingly, are the marigolds. Who'd have thunk you could kill marigolds!! I certainly have never managed it before. But this time I am. A bad batch? Who knows. I might rip them out and replace them with new ones. Or Zinnias! Or something. Whatever. Deep breathes.


Rachel said...

I love the barrels of hops with the trellis between them. That would make an inviting sitting area once they grow to cover the trellis. Were you thinking of putting a bench between the barrels?

Contrary Colleen said...

yep, We actually set it up that way with a bench specifically in mind. We're just looking for the right one.